De Afgedamde Maas

Beautiful natural playground and quiet mooring spots

Diagonally opposite Heusden, you can sail under the (usually open) floodgate the Kromme Nol towards the Afgedamde Maas. The total length of this river is about 19 kilometres, with the log cabin boat navigating the entire stretch between Well and Andel. (Note: you are not allowed to take the log cabin boat through the Wilhelminasluis at Andel).

Nederhemert and Well
If you turn right at the T-junction, you sail toward Nederhemert and Well, where there are beautiful natural lakes at the end where you can moor. Cows and horses often walk around here, curiously coming to take a look at the boat. Go look for a beaver dam by canoe, and there is a good chance you will see a beaver swimming in the morning or evening twilight! You are allowed to have a BBQ and light a campfire on the beaches. If you have a fishing permit, you can also fish wonderfully here from the log cabin boat or the shore.

The Esmeer and the Neswaarden
From the T-junction, you can also sail left. Along the way, you will come across 2 restaurants where you can stop off. Continue to the next junction and turn right. On the Esmeer, you will immediately see the Neswaarden on the right, with a large playground made of natural materials. Climb the equipment, jump in the water or bring a ball and play a game of football. There is also a pavilion where you can get a snack and a drink. Next to the playground, you will find another beautiful piece of nature with beach, sunbathing area and sports fields.

It is easier and more fun to moor in the countryside and then walk to the playground, but there is also a small marina if necessary. Along the shores of the Esmeer, you can also have a good BBQ, make a campfire or go for a walk.


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